Isotopes (100WCGU week #15)

This is the first time I have attempted the 100 word challenge and, by chance, this week the bar has been lowered and I only have to write 50! Here they are – the prompt is … the Autumn leaves …


The Autumn leaves with a frigid, damp whoosh, and forgets to take most of its stuff with it. Dare I risk one more cut of the lawn – a lazy way to clear its detritus? If not, I know I face the annual battle of the rake versus the Autumn leaves.



I think it might sound better (i.e., less pretentious) if I substitute ‘its detritus’ with ‘Autumn’s confetti’.

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5 thoughts on “Isotopes (100WCGU week #15)

  1. Sally-Jayne says:

    Excellent take on the prompt! I go with the rake vs leaves battle over mowing the lawn every time, but it’s a battle not easily won.

  2. jfb57 says:

    I love this! We have had exactly that sort of conversation & the lawn won! Great to see you on the 100WC. The prompts go live on Monday evening. Are you on twitter? I can tweet you a reminder!

  3. jfb57 says:

    Apologies! Just realised who I’m talking to!! Duh! Holiday time so the tiny bit of brain this retired lady has is sleeping!

  4. Robin Hawke says:

    Hate a guest that leaves a monstrous mess! Well done, Robin

  5. nellyache says:

    Thank you for your contributions ladies and gents – this was my first attempt at anything quite so public, other than policies and letters at work, which hardly count as creative (though … I don’t know … sometimes maybe!) so it’s gratifying to read your positive comments. Thanks once again.

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