The Season (100WCGU week #24)

Week 24’s challenge was to create a 50/50 piece – the idea being that I write 50 words this week and 50 next. Only, next week’s 50 words must follow on from someone else’s entry. With any luck, someone will do the next 50 words of mine.

The Season

Guest inviting, gift thinking, menu inventing, card writing, late-night shopping, present wrapping, mince-pie baking, chair de-lofting, Sky+ programming, house cleaning, vegetable freezing, tree constructing, bauble hanging, fairylight replacing, food processing, gravy making, table setting, napkin rolling, turkey roasting, stuffing stuffing, eggnog drinking, carol singing, pudding lighting, love sharing, Christmas doing.

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27 thoughts on “The Season (100WCGU week #24)

  1. Sally-Jayne says:

    I feel exhausted after reading all that! You really have captured the Christmas season. I can think of a couple of people who’d make an excellent job at continuing this one.

  2. nellyache says:

    Do I have to choose someone?

    • Sally-Jayne says:

      No – someone will choose you. I’m rubbish at writing in this sort of style, but there are some people here who are really good at it, so they’ll probably choose to continue it.

      • nellyache says:

        Took me way longer than it should have done, and it’s only briefly crafted. Well, I say crafted, I mean I swapped a few of the word pairs around, and changed some of the verbs. I probably ought to craft it quite a lot more!

  3. Sally-Jayne says:

    Well it sounded good to me 🙂

  4. Oooo I like this one…its different to any othrs I hve read yet. Well done .

    • Neil Povey says:

      Thanks Anna. Much appreciated. It was inspired by my wife’s approach to Christmas, which is far better organised than my own!

  5. I think you’ve just about covered everything 🙂 – well done!

  6. jfb57 says:

    What a great list! Did you complete it all?!! I love those eggnog drinking and stuffing stuffing! I’m intrigued to see the second part!

  7. snagglewordz says:

    Phew, nice list! I’m tired after reading it and I didn’t even physically check off everything in our own preparations! 😉 Very creative.

    • nellyache says:

      Cheers – sorry it’s taken so long to approve your comment! WordPress seems to have forgotten to notify me that any needed approving at all! Probably someting I’ve done in the settings – apologies once again!

  8. jfb57 says:

    Here is my attempt!

    Heart heavy, raindrops falling, snowflakes melting, skies graying, wind howling, traffic blaring, heart heavy, purse empty, children crying, shops closing, tree bare, cupboards deserted, table clear, radiators freezing, heart heavy, distant memories, times past, family gone, friends distant, season hollow, heart heavy, hope fading, year passes, another begins, heart heavy.

  9. nellyache says:

    Aw – now I feel sad! Still there’s always TERM 3 to look forward to!
    I like how you repeated ‘heart heavy’ several times. It really drives the point home.

  10. I loved this one when I first read it. I see Julia has already beaten me to it… I have been “offline” over Christmas. Here is what I have come up with :-

    New beginnings, resolutions, letters written, calls made. Card recycling, leftovers eaten, turkey curried, bottles drunk. Sale shopping, overdraft paying,gym-class joining, diet starting. Champagne drinking, lantern lighting,auld lang syning. Term starting, new beginnings, Olympic medal hoping, jubilee celebrating. New beginnings, snows-a-coming, forward looking. HAPPY NEW YEAR :O)

    • snagglewordz says:

      What a neat continuation of Nellyache’s list. I had a wee chuckle at some of the things you have listed because they sound strangely familiar to me. Ahem. Very positive. A Happy New Year to you!

    • nellyache says:

      Anna – this is brill! I love the rhythm you’ve created by putting in full stops. I think that mine was rather breathless, though perhaps necessarily and, by contrast, yours reflects the slightly more relaxed approach we are all forced to take after all that energy has been expended (and food eaten!). I particularly love the way it moves into the New Year in such a hopeful way. Thanks so much for taking time to respond.

  11. Rachel says:

    Hey thanks for this article, quite an interesting read. Are you going write a follow-up for it? I’ll be sure to check it out if it happens.!

  12. […] Season” & now Part 2 December 31, 2011  Nellyache’s “The Season”   Now for my part 2 to continue the story….   The joys of organising family […]

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